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With more than 10 utilities and benefits for fans to closely engage with him

What is it?

7,777 unique algorithm generated Jose Aldo Characters with more than 60 different traits.

Unique digital collectibles living on the blockchain. Your NFT doubles as your membership card, that will vary upon the Rarity of the NFT. There are 3 different membership allowing a tier like system,

Our goal is to create a tight knitted community allowing Fans to interact closely with  Jose Aldo like never before.
First, we are launching the drop, after that is established the utilities will be engaged, and will be adding more utilities with time and keep innovating in new ways to build this bond



In-Person Training, Private Dinner Party, Exclusive content and everything in Undefeated and Meta-Fan


Virtual Training, Personalized messages, Zoom Meetings and everything in Meta-Fan


Metaverse Skin and Raffles for autographed items such as gloves, t-shirts and much more


This is a NFT Collection by Biobots in partnership with NFTZ. We have worked closely with their team to develop unique utilities as well as incredible art.

We have plans to release a 1/1 NFT up for auction for his next fight, and that would allow the owner of said NFT to join him in the fight, Limousine ride, backstage pass, after party invitation and much more.

The Drop date will be announced on a future date

You can be added to the whitelist if you own a NFTZ Mint Pass or $NFTZ Token, for more information join the discord and follow us on twitter

Roadmap to be Released

Launch details

We will reveal most of the launch details shortly We have developed Utilities that a fan would die for, showing how innovative and dedicated we are to bringing the community closer together.

A presale of limited number of NFT will occur for whitelisted members, NFTZ Mintpass, or NFTZ token.

A presale of a limited number of NFT will occur for whitelisted members




0,048 ETH

Launch date TBD

This collection was developed in Partnership with Biobots, to create a unique piece of art and help engage and build the community.


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